Chinese action and martial arts actress Lucy Lin visits the Berlin Film Festival. There she meets, of all people, her ex-fiancé, Interpol agent Tom Young. Young is on the trail of the ruthless cyber-criminal Kayser, who is using a software virus to take control of 30 stretch limousines. Among them is the car in which Lucy is sitting with her manager. A wild chase through the whole of Germany begins – and Lucy has no choice but to put her life in the hands of the man who had left her at the altar without any explanation.

director:             Axel Sand, Richard Lin

cast:                  T.O.P, Cecilia Cheung, Michael Trevino

DoP:                  Felix Poplawsky

production:       Wilson Qiu, Hermann Joha, Jing Su, Stefan Retzbach

screenplay:       Andreas Heckmann

editor:               Martin Habig

composer:        Kai Skerra


release: 23th January 2020


Vlad (Aaron Kissov) has just moved to Crailsfelden with his father Barnabas (Rick Kavanian) and is now the new kid at the Hobo Academy, one of the most famous magic schools in the world. Crailsfelden is a fantastic place, teeming with fairies, witches, trolls and dwarves. With Vlad and his father, vampires are now also present in the village. But the little vampire Vlad has a big problem: he can’t see blood. But Vlad is not alone with this unusual circumstance. Because just like him, his new friends also have fears. Fairy Faye (Johanna Schraml) suffers from a fear of flying and Wolf, the werewolf (Arsseni Bultmann), has an allergy to animal hair. So Vlad is in good company. Together, the unusual trio unravels a conspiracy involving the mayor Louis Ziffer (Christian Berkel) and his secretary Frau Circemeyer (Sonja Gerhardt), which could plunge the whole of Crailsfelden into disaster.

director:          Tim Trageser

cast:                 A. Kissiov, R. Kavanian, S. Gerhardt, C. Berkel, J. Koschitz, W. Kobus, A. Stein

DoP:                Felix Poplawsky

production:     Christian Becker ( Rat Pack )

screenplay:      Marc Hillefeld, Wolfgang Hohlbein (Literar. Vorl.)

editor:              Marco Pav D’Auria

composer:        Andreas Weidinger

distribution:     Deutsche Columbia Pictures


Entertainer Hape Kerkeling (Devid Striesow) collapses on stage. A doctor advises the stressed man to take it easy for a few months. He soon tells his stunned agent Dörte (Annette Frier) about his very special relaxation and self-discovery plan: With the memory of his devout grandma (Katharina Thalbach) in mind, Hape wants to make a pilgrimage along the Way of St. James. Arriving in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France, he meets two other pilgrims, the reserved Stella (Martina Gedeck) and the brash English journalist Lena (Karoline Schuch), but soon loses sight of them. The stony, steep path is arduous for the sporty Hape, the crowded, cramped pilgrim hostels do not suit him. He wants to break off, but Lena, Stella and the South American bon vivant Americo (Birol Ünel) get him back on track…

director:           Julia von Heinz

cast:                 Devid Striesow, Martina Gedeck, Karoline Schuch, Katharina Thalbach, Annette Frier

DoP:                 Felix Poplawsky

production:       Hermann Florin, Nico Hofmann, Jochen Laube, Sebastian Werninger

screenplay:       Jane Ainscough, Christoph Silber, Sandra Nettelbeck

editor:               Georg Söring

composer:         Alexander Geringas, Joachim Schlüter, Matthias Petsche

distributed by:   Warner Bros. GmbH


Who will ever believe 12-year-old Felix that he has shrunk the math teacher hated by everyone to the size of 15.3 centimeters? After all, he doesn’t know himself how it happened! But he now has the problem on his hands, or to be more precise, in his jacket pocket. Because that’s where she is now, the math teacher, and she’s still scolding him. How can Felix get her to grow up again? In his search for the cause of the transformation, Felix becomes more and more courageous and allows himself to be ordered around less and less – but above all, he comes across an unbelievable story that is supposed to have happened 100 years ago … 

director:          Tim Trageser

cast:                Oskar Keymer, Anja Kling, Axel Stein, Julia Hartmann, Andrea Sawatzki, Otto Walkes

DoP:                Felix Poplawsky

production:     Corinna Mehner

screenplay:      Gerrit Hermans

editor:              Marco Pav D’Auria

Musik:              Anne-Kathrin Dern

distributed by:  Sony Pictures


Hanni and Nanni (Jana and Sophia Münster) are already eagerly awaiting the English exchange students announced at the Lindenhof boarding school. However, due to an oversight by Mrs. Mägerlein (Suzanne von Borsody), the British busload turns out to be a male group. At first, everyone is a little irritated and doesn’t quite know what to make of the situation. But the upbeat Mademoiselle Bertoux (Katharina Thalbach) already has an idea. Without further ado, the French teacher enlists the guests for the upcoming school performance of Shakespeare’s „Romeo and Juliet“. When both Hanni and Nanni fall for the charming leading man Clyde (Leopold Klieeisen), the theater rehearsals get completely out of hand. But not only the twins, but also the bitchy Daniela (Nele Guderian) has an eye on the English Romeo…

director:          Dagmar Seume

cast:                 Sophia Münster, Jana Münster, Suzanne von Borsody, Katharina Thalbach,  

                         Hannelore Elsner, Barbara Schöneberger, Justus von Dohnányi, Konstantin Wecker

DoP:                 Felix Poplawsky

production:       Hermann Florin, Nico Hofmann, Jürgen Schuster, Gesa Tönnesen

screenplay:       Christoph Silber

editor:               Zaz Montana, Manuel Reidinger

composer:         Alexander Geringas, Joachim Schlüter

distributed by:   Universal Pictures


TV movies (selection):

Zerrissen – wischen zwei Müttern, Aus Haut und Knochen, Die Inselärztin (Das Geheimnis, Loslassen), High Society Murder, Rosa – The Wedding Planner – Wolken über Kapstadt, Einmal Frühling und zurück, Frühlingsgeflüster, Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein

TV-Serien / Streaming (Auswahl):

Disko Bochum, All You Need, Lucie – läuft doch!, Sankt Maik, Magda macht das schon, Der letzte Bulle, Frauenherzen, Alarm for Cobra 11, Binny und der Geist, Letzte Spur Berlin, Flemming, Ein Fall für Zwei, Der Lehrer, SOKO Stuttgart & Cologne

collaboration with following production companies:

UFA Fiction, Wiedemann und Berg, Sony, Tivoli Film, Action Concept, Rowboat, Novafilm, ITV Studios, Phoenix Film, Network Movie, Bavaria Fiction, Eikon Media, Polyphon, Lisa Film, Magic Flight Film


TV Commercials:

MyHammer.de, Pringles Select, Omira MinusL Milch, NetCologne, Philipps Senseo, Amnesty International, Playstation Portbale, Hausgemacht.TV, RTL DSDS Werbetrenner, diverse Trailer Kampagnen RTL / SAT.1

collaboration with following production companies:

Markenfilm, BM8, Telemaz Commercials, TryNoAgency, Parasol Island, RTL Creation, Schokolade Filmproduktion, Insignia Film, greensky Films, mixundpartner



Ich und Ich, Killerpilze, Empty Trash, King Family, Alev, Spout, Samuel, Sha, Johanna Zeul & DJ Joolz

collaboration with following production companies:

Katapult Film, Wuger Filmwork, W/RITE Media

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